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Looking on How to Burn Fat and Loose Weight without Ephedra?

We offer the original NoPhedraTM, free of Ephedra, thermogenics formula.  Powerful burning fat product, Ephedrine or Ephedra free, combining effective energy and mood enhancers to suppress appetite, boost metabolism, with potent fat loss properties to get skinny and for long term results.

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Looking on How to Burn Fat and Loose Weight without Ephedra?

We offer the original NoPhedraTM, 80 caps, free of Ephedra or Ephedrine,  thermogenics formula, a thermogenic weight loss supplement.  Powerful burning fat product, Ephedra or Ephedrine free, with patented major active ingredients Advantra Z® and Forslean®, combining effective energy and mood enhancers to suppress appetite, boost metabolism, with potent fat loss properties to get skinny and for long term results.

When asking where can I buy ephedra, Absolute Nutrition’s advanced science has developed a revolutionary and extremely effective fat burning formula, safe and with NO ephedra side effects.

NO Insomnia – NO Nervousness – NO Jitters

NoPhedraTM Dose: Take 2 capsules, 2-3 times daily

Includes:  200g Advantra Z® and 5 mg Forslean®

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The Science Behind NoPhedraTM (downloadable pdf)

Green Tea and Caffeine:  (1) The Catechin polyphenols contained in green tea inhibit the enzyme which turns off the catecholamine activity. (2) Catecholamines’s job is to promote fat burn and caffeine helps promote catecholamine production and acts as an inhibitor of the phosphodiesterase enzyme, which turn off fat burning (3).

Favanex-ER: contains bioflavanoids quercetin, naringin,a fisetin.  These are shown to prolong synephrine  and caffeine actions, while promoting thermogenics and fat loss. (9)

Forkolin®: one of the newest ingredients in the fat loss field, also known as the Ayurvedic herb Forkolin standardized at 20% Coleus Forkohlii.  Studies have shown that oral forskolin is a potent adenyl cyclase stimulator.  (8) Adenyl Cyclase controls fattt acid beta oxidation.  In other words, this enzyme forces the body to burn fat for fuel or energy.  If this herb is combined with any beta-agonist, for example, synephrine, it causes a larger release of fatty acids to be used as fuel or energy.

Synephrine:  The Chinese fruit Citrus Aurantium (Advantra-ZTM) contains several alkaloids.  Synephrine, a related cousin of Ephedrine, is one of the main compounds and as per the patent information, it is thought to only stimulate beta 3 receptors, that control basal metabolic rate.  It does not act as a body stimulant.  This compound may provide the same fat burning, appetite regulation and muscle sparing as Ephedrine, with the exception, is does not have stimulant effects. (4)

L-Tyrosine (amino acid):  This amino acid has shown to increase the effects of other thermogenic agents.  (5, 6)  The conversion of L-Tyrosine to nodreneline, which is one of the catecholeamines released by caffeine.  This conversion causes catecholeamine rejuvenation and extends the caffeine effectiveness.

5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan): Shown to balance carbs and foot intake, while promoting fat loss.precursor to serotonin, which is thought to be one to the main hormones to regulate carbohydrates and food intake. 5-HTP converts 5-HT or 5-ydrosytrptamine (serotin).  (10, 11) The HTP used is of natural origin, derived from the seeds of Griffonia simplicifolia.


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