Detoxify Your Body – Natural Detox Methods

How to Detoxify Your Body?

Cleansing your Body is equally important as cleansing your Mind!  We take showers daily to feel clean and great; cleansing our inner self is as important!

Follow these easy natural Detox Methods:

1. Water is primordial:  Begin your morning with a hot cup of water and one lemon juice.  You may also add baking soda, a high alkalizer.

2.  Drink Dandelion throughout the day, a powerful herbal tea cleanser.  If you don’t like herbal teas, you can combine the greens of Dandelion to a smoothie.

3. Drink a vegetable or bone broth; they taste good, don’t fill you and are very healthy and loaded with nutrients and antioxidants.

4. Practice your daily routine of workouts such as walking, fast walking, stretching, yoga, under others.  You will feel vitality and immediate energy.  This will help improve your mood.

5.Use a clean brush to boost circulation.  Massage in circles and remember to brush from bottom upwards towards your heart. It is best to brush on dry skin, which will help remove dead skin cells.  Your skin will feel soft and younger.

6.Showering with cold water can invigorate your skin and body.  It is a great tool to improve circulation, which in turn will help  release toxins.

Other detoxification methods for your mind:

7. Take a walk with your dog through the forest.  Play or pet a dog or an animal.  This helps relieve stress and refresh your mind.

8. Listen quietly to the sound of the birds, the wind or the water.  Breath in and out, release any sort of negativity that has been bothering you.

9. Volunteer or help others; this is a gratifying gift that makes you feel powerful and loved.

10. Meditation: find a quiet corner and play some soft music.  A private, relaxed time will refresh your mind and give you more focus.