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Top 3 Natural Laxatives

Using natural laxatives to aid in relief of constipation has proven to be a much better alternative when coping with this persistent or agonizing condition. This is mainly because of the potential risk associated with long term dependency or frequent use of doctor prescribed or over the counter laxatives. Natural laxatives are mainly derived from plants, herbs and other natural sources which encourage bowel movement and ease constipation.

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Laxatives ensure that bowel movements are not strained by loosening tough stools. Some of the common foods that aid in having regular bowel movements include papaya, guava, cabbage, peas, spinach, and cauliflower. One of the main benefits of using naturally occurring substances as relief for constipation is that they have no side effects. However, chemical laxatives can trigger reflex constipation and dependency when used for long periods.

  1. Epsom salt

In most cases, people struggle with passage of stool mainly because the waste processed in the bowels is too tough. Epsom salt provides quick relief by simply increasing the amount of water in the bowels. Constipation is a major sign of magnesium deficiency. Besides replacing magnesium in the body, the efficiency of Epsom as a laxative can also be attributed to its high mineral content which enhances its ability to draw water into the bowels particularly the colon.

  1. Prunes and prune juice

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Dietary changes can also provide relief for constipation. Adding Prune juice to your diet is highly beneficial in
treating constipation due to its laxative properties.
Moreover, prunes lower cholesterol and also help keep the blood pressure low. Eating a few prunes per day helps increase fiber content in your diet.

  1. Beets and beet juice

Consuming beets or beet juice can help you maintain a regular bowel schedule. Some of the main ingredients that contribute to its laxative properties include copper, folate, calcium, phosphorus, fiber, vitamin A and C and potassium. Besides making beet juice an effective laxative, these ingredients also make it an all-round healthy component to incorporate in your diet. You can simply add beets to your meal or use them to create a drink. The main reason for consuming beets as a drink is to ensure quicker digestion. Studies also suggest that beets can help prevent and fight cancer.

Using mild natural laxatives is highly recommended until the issue is fully resolved. However, people who suffer from extreme constipation should seek professional medical advice because such conditions may require advanced treatment (such as surgical procedures).